ADU Model A

Model A

$ 125k Starting Price*
  • 640 SqFt
  • 1 Bedroom / 1 Bath
  • Open Floor Plan
In-Law Suite
Available Upgrades:
  • Countertop $1500

    Replace standard butcher block counter tops with granite countertops.

  • Ceiling Fan $500

    Install one standard white ceiling fan in any one room of the unit.

  • Shingled Roofing $1000

    Replace standard metal roofing with matching shingled roofing.

  • Vinyl Siding $1500

    Replace standard T1-11 siding with vinyl siding.

  • Painted Accent Wall $500

    Each additional wall in the same color, completed at the same time will be an additional $400.

Base Pricing Includes:
  • $2000 utility connection allowance.
    • A pre-deposit site evaluation will determine the final utility cost.
  • 26 g black prefinished metal roofing.
  • T-11 Siding
    • Painted to match home.
  • Standard Size Appliances
    • Fridge
    • Dishwasher
    • Stackable Washer Dryer
    • Electric Range
  • Interior Paint (white)
  • Prefinished White Manufactured Shaker Style Cabinets + Vanity
  • Luxury Vinyl Plank
    • Multiple colors to choose from.

A detached ADU, or Accessory Dwelling Unit, is a type of property that is located on the same lot as the main dwelling unit. It can be used for various types of construction, such as building additions or converting living spaces. It can be constructed to fulfill multiple goals, such as additional parking and storage, while generating passive income for you, the property owner. This can include a small apartment over a garage or a new space attached to the main house.

ADUs are allowed in all areas of Chattanooga zoned for single-family detached dwellings, also known as R-1 zoning.

Single-family detached dwellings are currently the only types of properties that are allowed to construct new ADUs. Aside from single-family houses, multi-family housing such as townhouses and apartments are not allowed to add ADUs at this time. 

Since the only types of properties allowed to add ADUs are single-family detached homes, the ADU is seen as an extension of the current property. No matter how it’s constructed, the ADU must be owned by the same property owner as the main dwelling unit. It can’t be subdivided from the ownership of the main property or sold as a fee simple condo under the current zoning ordinance. 

The only type of property that can have ADUs is a single-family detached dwelling. No matter how it’s constructed, the ADU must be owned by the same property owner as the main dwelling unit. It can’t be separated from the ownership of the main house or sold as a fee simple condo.

Yes! ADUs are not required to be on the property where you live and can be on your rental property. Please note Homeowner Associations and Neighborhood building covenants may restrict or limit what individual property owners are allowed to do in their backyards. Please check with your association for your specific situation and requirements.

In the City of Chattanooga, you can rent your ADU as a vacation rental or a long-term rental. The city’s short-term rental boundary allows certain properties to apply for permits to allow them to rent out their ADUs for up to 30 days. However, the City Council recently imposed a moratorium on new permits for non-owner occupied vacation rental properties.

You can also find out more about short-term vacation rental properties by visiting this city’s website. ADUs can be rented in the city for up to 30 days without a permit. If the property has a private homeowner association that prohibits the use of the property, you must follow their rules and regulations.

ADUs are not allowed to exceed 700 square feet of living space. Living space is defined as indoor space that is insulated and air conditioned.

If you plan on converting your garage into an ADU or adding one in your driveway, please make sure that the existing parking spaces are maintained. Although there’s no minimum requirement for parking spaces in an ADU, you are required  replace or maintain on-site parking if it’s affected.

Unlike a Tiny House, ADUs are not allowed to be constructed on wheels. They must be at least 200 square feet and need to be built on a permanent foundation. Usually, these types of structures are attached to existing structures or a series of footers are dug and filled with concrete.

ADUs are permitted in all historic districts such as Fort Wood, St. Elmo, Battery Place, and Ferger Place. In designated Historic Districts, ADUs must  be approved by the Chattanooga Historic Commission as a part of the City’s plan review and approval process. The historical commission review is simply one additional step in the City’s approval process, but there are specific neighborhood guidelines that must be adhered to. Please make sure that you have a good understanding of the local guidelines

When you purchase your ADU from us, step one is Chattanooga ADU Co. submitting your plan for permit review! Not only will we design, build and install your unit, but we will also take care of all the permits, inspections, and paperwork needed for your ADU.

From first contact to the final coat of paint, we bring a level of attention, trust, and care that can’t be beat in Chattanooga. Our units are built offsite and installed on your property with a goal to go “from dirt to key” in under 6 weeks.

Although construction time is never guaranteed, our offsite manufacturing process leverages the latest efficiency standards with traditional construction practices. Our team’s experience on the front and back-end of the building system allows for a smooth, non-invasive building process.

Yes, we work with several preferred partners who offer multiple financing options.

We offer several finishing upgrades including roofing, siding, countertops and paint. Full custom ADU’s start at $200k.

Yes, custom ADUs start at $200k. Our standard models also offer several finishing upgrades.

Our booking schedule is constantly changing. After initial deposit, we need a minimum of 4 weeks to break ground and begin to assemble your building on site.

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