Chattanooga's premiere ADU building company.

The Chattanooga ADU combines modern building methods and dedicated client support, our goal is to deliver a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Create instant cash flow
Constant Communication

Our process starts with a free consultation with our support team where we evaluate your backyard and discuss what the project will look like. Our support team will maintain communication throughout the build. No more waiting on the contractor to call you back.

Why Choose Us

We bring a level of attention, trust, and care that can’t be beat in Chattanooga.


Built offsite and installed onsite. Our goal is to go from dirt to key in under 6 weeks.


From first contact to the final screw, we provide a high level of detail throughout the entire process.


Aside from detail, we are sure to never create a mess or leave anything behind.


Built and designed by career professionals with a lifetime of experience.